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Yes, it's a rebranding. Nothing major, the old domain will remain for the time being and it will be pointed to the new website No, I'm not any less overrated than I was before, still the same mediocre photographer, the same articles.(Continue Reading)

The real cost of switching

After the 763rd post about the A7iii vs X-H1 on Facebook, dpreview and every other conceivable location on the web, I’m going to give my thoughts on it, and I’m not calling it a A7iii vs X-H1 comparison. I’ve called it “The real cost of changing systems” because that is the only thing that matters. I have no issue with healthy debates about camera brands and where they are headed. Argue about whether Fujifilm is making the right decisions and it’s constructive. (Continue Reading

Not a huge fan of bird photos, it's never been a genre that interests me (no offence intended to bird photographers - we all have genre's we like and don't like).<br />
<br />
This one appealed to me for some odd reason so I decided to include it.

Fujifilm Setup Guide - My camera settings

When it comes to getting a new camera, it can sometimes be a daunting task. A number of people have asked me what settings to apply when you first get the camera, so this will cover off what I would recommend setting up and why. Some of this will be a bit subjective so if you disagree, you probably know enough about the settings to know why. (Continue Reading)

Why I am blown away by Godox and IBIS

I'm going to start off talking about Godox (Flashpoint in some locations) and I'll continue with the IBIS when I have given you some context. I've previously written reviews of Godox, but this weekend, the Godox gear blew me away. If you are looking for the information on IBIS, look at the end.

The part on IBIS is short, so I'm not going to set your expectations too high. As someone who does mainly sports and child photography, I don't get to do formal model shoots so when I was invited to join some other photographers for a Madhatter's shoot, I jumped at the opportunity. On Sunday, we took the drive to the Warburton Redwood Forest, about 2 hours from Melbourne for a model shoot. We had 4 photographers, 2 on Nikon and 2 on Fujifilm, along with a model and HMU artist. (Continue Reading)

My two lens everyday carry solution

You get prime people and you get zoom people. I'm a little of both, maybe as a result of my gear addiction. When we often talk about 2 or 3 lens carry kits, I often hear people talk about going one or two ways, primes or zooms, but very few people go with a combination of zoom and primes which is where I sit. If I am going out for a day trip, I almost always take my XF16-55mmF2.8 and XF90mmF2. To me, this is the best combination as a 2 lens kit for the types of photography I do. (Continue Reading)

Getting involved in Charity Work

Every year I donate my time to do some charity work as a way to give back to the community. Ultimately it's a way for me to give back doing something I enjoy. This is not the only event I do, there are other events like the "Sleep at the G" event, but for todays purposes, I'II be talking about the "Paddle Across the Bay" event. Across the bay is a series of events that occur in Melbourne to raise funds for the Cancer Council. (Continue Reading)

Fujifilm AF - The unwritten guide

There are a couple of videos and manuals around which cover the Fujifilm Autofocus settings in detail, but the big problem isn't the things they cover, it's what they don’t. Guides often talk about how to configure and setup your camera, but with this guide, we'll focus on the hidden things, how to use it to get the best outcomes. In this guide, I'll try to cover some of the things no one ever covers (my learnings coming from DSLR Land) and that are probably the biggest area impacting new Fujifilm users coming from DSLR land. (Continue Reading)

Sorry Fujifilm Australia, what were you thinking?

I'm a Fujifilm fan, so I'm generally fairly complementary about Fujifilm. Locally they have been pretty supportive of the community but the following example highlights how one bad deed can ultimately sour a relationship. (Continue Reading)

The XF56mmF1.2 square hood mystery

I'm not a fan of the stock Fujifilm hoods so when I picked up the XF16mm and XF23mm, I started looking at the Fujifilm hoods along with a host of aftermarket hoods. I'm not sure if square hoods are a love it or hate it thing, but personally I really like the look and provided there is no major loss in performance, I'm happy to go with them than the crappy plastic stock hoods. (Continue Reading)

Godox - An easy way into lighting for Fujifilm

In the past, the Chinese brands were guilty of copytetion, taking copies of established brands products and pushing them onto the market. In some cases, you picked up reasonable quality gear at a budget price if you couldn't afford the expensive stuff, in other cases you picked up poor quality copies that last a matter of months or weeks before dying and leaving you out of pocket with no warranty. (Continue Reading)

Magmod - When innovation becomes price gouging

I don't often write overly negative articles about products but there are certain products I won't buy out of principal. When I picked up some new AD200's I decided to have a look at the Magmod gear. Long story short, I decided to pull the pin. Let's be clear, its not that I can't afford it, and anyone who knows me will know that, it comes down to the simple idea that when I feel something is overpriced and price gouging, I won't buy it. (Continue Reading)

Sugru and the AF-On button fix

I'm a big fan of the AF-On button approach to focusing, or also commonly referred to as back button Focus. For those who have never used the back button approach, it takes a bit of getting used to but when you have done it, you'll find it hard to work any other way. It gives you the flexibility of AFC and AFS without having to change settings, something which can be valuable for occasions where you want to focus and recompose without moving the focus point.(Continue Reading)

Building webpages on Smugmug

I thought I would put together a screencam to show how I build my website on Smugmug. I don't think the formatting is anything specular, but it should at least give an indication of what it's like to build my website. I've taken a new article I've written in word, and shown exactly how I created it from start to finish. (Continue Reading)

Why I sold my XF23mmF2

I just sold my 23mmF2. I love the 23mm focal length and the Fujifilm 23mmF2 is a great tens, which begs the question, why on earth would I sell a lens I like? The problem isn't the 23mmF2, it's amazing. It's the X100 series. The 23mmF2 used to live on my X-T2 if I needed a camera with a walk around lens...then I got my X100T. (Continue Reading)

Defending GAS

I've seen people complain about GAS, about those with GAS, with a general reference to anyone who buys "too much gear''. I'm not quite sure what too much gear is to be honest. To the spouse of a photographer, more than one body might be too much gear, maybe it's the 7th lens, there is no formal definition of GAS. There is however a general perception that if you buy too much gear, you're wasting your time. I'm in a slightly different space, and I tend to look at GAS from an affordability perspective. I.e. if you can afford it, why not? (Continue Reading)

Taking photos of your kids

Taking photos of your children is probably one of the easiest and hardest things to do. It's easy to take photos, but it's difficult to take good photos. At the time of writing this article, my kids are 6 and 4, two of the most beautiful girls in the world and they certainly know how to wrap Daddy around their finger, but on occasion I like to combine my favorite hobby with my favorite girls and that has provided a big learning curve for me. (Continue Reading)

APSC vs Full Frame - My Perspective

It's not intended to be an APSC vs Full Frame argument from the perspective of trying to prove that APSC is better than Full Frame. Many may see it this as the purpose of the article, but it's not. (Continue Reading)

Nikon to Fuji X-T2 Switchers Guide

Switching systems is a big step no matter who you are and how well you know photography. The reviews do a good job of explaining how good the camera is , but they aren't very good at explaining the learning curve which may or may not be painful coming from another system. (Continue Reading)

Photographers Annonymous - Why I hate camera forums (humour)

I just wanted to say thanks and tell you how much I hate you all. It may seem harsh, but as a member of Photographers Anonymous (PA), life isn’t easy dealing with this addiction every day…every Tuesday night we meet up, talk about our problems with photography purchases. (Continue Reading)

Nikon, this is where you lost me...

I'm going to be honest and say I wasn't an unhappy Nikon user. My D750 was great, the lenses were great, and the system was great. But I wanted a second body and I wanted that body to be mirrorless. I would have been great to have a mirrorless body coming from the same system as my DSLR but after waiting and hoping for Photokina, that didn't happen, so I had to question how important DSLR or full frame was for me. The more I compared, the more I really... (Continue Reading)

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