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Fuji X Aus is a dedicated community for the AU/NZ region, here we encourage and foster member contributions through open discussions, event attendance, photo sharing and participation in group competitions.

OBJECTIVE: To support and connect the Fujifilm community together.

DISCUSSIONS: We accept all topics of discussion that are within relevance of Fujifilm and Photography in general. Please respect each other, rudeness, racial intolerance, sexual discrimination or trolling will not be tolerated and offenders will be warned or removed from the group depending on the severity of the offence.

PHOTO SHARING: Sharing of photos here are also welcome, offensive images will be removed. If you’re not sure if your photo fits the description, please contact a group Admin to confirm. All photos posted must be your own work and not copied from someone else's page/portfolio/social media. As a family friendly group, nudes will not be accepted.

DISCLAIMER: Fuji X Aus is not associated with Fujifilm Australia.

Events will be held on a regular basis when time and date permits, should a member wish to host an event via the group, please contact a group Admin who will help set this up and extend the invite to all members. No promotional events permitted unless discussed with admins

All group events are listed in the event section of Fuji X Aus Facebook Page

The group moderators are:

Joe Jongue (Founder) - Melbourne

Antonio Colaiacovo (Founder) - Melbourne

Ian Tan - Melbourne

Athol Hill - Melbourne

Charlie Blevins - Sydney

Gustavo Potenza - Perth

Please follow us on and tag your photos with #fujixaus if you want your images featured.

If you feel that your images may have been missed, please contact us on the instagram account.

COMMERCIAL: This is a non-profit Facebook community group. We will accept donations to help manage the group. Funds will go towards prizes, giveaways and shipping fees for competition winners. To make a donation please contact one of the admins. We also welcome approaches from retailers or manufacturers for Fujifilm related goods as part of a prize/marketing coordinated approach. It is recommended that retailers, manufacturers or sponsored photographers or ambassadors do not badmouth opposition products. Ambassadors/Sponsored photographers should note their affiliation when responding to posts about products. "In the interests of transparency, I'm a X ambassador but I really..."

PERSONAL BLOGS/WEBSITES: Users are welcome to post links to personal blogs or websites provided they are non-commercial. Please avoid excessive posts to personal links (more than once a day or twice a week)

COMMERCIAL LINKS BY NON-AFFILIATED PHOTOGRAPHERS: Commercial (non-retailer) links to new products relating to Fujifilm (Fujifilm soft shutters, Fujifilm specific flashes/triggers etc as an example) are welcome provided the photographer has no commercial affiliation, is not receiving compensation for the posting of links, or where it is in response to a request for such information from another member. I.e. "where can I buy an X". If in doubt, please contact the admins. 

STORE DISCOUNTS: Members are allowed to post any store related discounts provided they have no affiliation with the store. I.e. "X has 20% of ONA Bags."

Fuji X Aus has a discount agreement with Digidirect for the group. Please contact Joe Jongue for details of the discount code to use. Our discount code is only applicable for Digidirect Melbourne but they have offered free shipping to any location in Australia.

We will updated this section as time goes on.


Godox - Melbourne Retailer is Arahan Photo 

Godox - Sydney Retailer is Hypop

All files can be found under the file section of the Fuji X Aus group. If you wish to add additional files that you feel may add value to the group, please contact an admin.

SALE ITEMS: Members are free to post sale items on the group via the ‘Sell Something’ option, however, all items posted for sale in this group MUST apply a discounted members rate of 5% off the total advertised price, if you have posted the same item for sale elsewhere it is expected that the advertised price on this page is reduced, the seller must mention this in the description. Members found in breach of this will have their ad post taken down.

COMPETITIONS: All competitions will be created and posted as Events on the group page, this allows us to reach and invite all members and to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate in all competitions held within the group. Rules and criteria of the competitions will be in the main description of the competition being held. Most competitions will come with prizes and giveaways to winners and runners up.

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