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How to make a My Little Pony Fujifilm X-H1 - Part 1

Yeah, I know what you're thinking…why would you want a My Little Pony Fujifilm X-H1? The real question is why wouldn't you?

My Little Pony is one of the most successful franchises in the world, combine that with Fujifilm and you have one of the most successful franchises with one of the most successful camera brands. It's a match made in heaven.

My Little Pony is popular with almost everyone I know, photographers, bikers, world class sportsmen; most schoolers leavers won't know who Fujifilm is, but they know who My Little Pony is. Pinkie Pie? Yeah, bring on the Pink Fujifilm X-H1 with pink soft shutter. Rainbow Dasher? Bring on the rainbow X-H1 with rainbows. Black cameras are boring and so 1980's. They look like any other camera on the planet, and nobody likes a boring camera. Today's cameras are there to be seen, admired, and admired in their My Little Pony glory if need be.

Today, we'll start with part one showing how to take the initial steps to customise your X-H1 to be a full functional My Little Pony X-H1

In this article, we'll be showing you exactly how to make your very own My Little Pony X-H1: Required parts:

• Super Glue - No point in putting My Little Pony on your X-H1 if it's going to fall off after a couple of days. You want your My Little Pony X-H1 to stay a My Little Pony X-H1, not become a "m l ttle pny"  X-H1 after a couple of days. The stronger the better

• My Little Pony stickers

• Pink fur or veld if you have any - You can pick this up at any material shop. This will be used to make the grip on the camera more comfortable and add some pink gangsta bling. I don't know if you're anything like me, but for those days where I am carry my camera for ours, I find that I need a lot of hand moisture due to the rough texture on the grip and having something soft and furry goes a long way to

• Pink, Red and silver diamonds - Various sizes. This will allow you to add some real sparkles to your camera.

• Rainbow adhesive foil

• Scissors

• A scalpel or similar tool for fine cutting

Step 1 - Design - the foundation of every good piece of art

The first thing you want to do is visualise what you are trying to achieve. Designing something this spectacular requires a bit of thought, particularly if you plan to use superglue which makes it difficult to remove once you've added it. I find the best option is to create a mood board of what you are trying to achieve, the fur, the sparkles etc. Then I find the best approach is to take photos of the front, rear, top and bottom and mark up how you want it to look. Don't forget to think about the buttons and how you want them to stand out, a large red stone can put out on the shutter button and you want to make sure it stand out. Things to think about:

• make sure you can still get the lens on and off

• Make sure all the controls work

• Make sure there is very little black showing that can contrast with the My Little Pony glory.

Step 2 - Measure the rainbow foil base by putting the camera on top and drawing a pencil around it.

Step 3 - Cut out the rainbow foil and ensure it is the same shape as the camera (screen will require further cutting out)

Step 4 - Apply generous amounts of super glue to make sure it stays on. Make sure the body is clean before you apply the super glue.

Step 5 - Now that you have put glue on the body, attach the rainbow foil and hold it down firmly so it remains stuck to the body.

Step 6 - Attach foil to the from to the camera and ensure you put a My Little Pony on it to get that logo out there.

Step 7 - Attach jewels to the buttons, if you have a wide enough variety of jewels you should be able to find once for each size of button on the camera. Don't forget the superglue for step 6 and 7.

Step 8 - Attach the pink fur to the grip to add extra grip for sweat. Don't forget to use lots of superglue.

You're now half way there. Well done. In the next series we'll extend this with how to cover the front of the camera with more foil to ensure that your camera is completely rainbow dasher My Little Pony.

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