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The XF56mmF1.2 square hood mystery

I'm not a fan of the stock plastic Fujifilm hoods so when I picked up the XF16mm and XF23mm, I started looking at the Fujifilm metal hoods along with a host of aftermarket hoods. I'm not sure if square hoods are a love it or hate it thing, but personally I really like the look and provided there is no major loss in performance, I'm happy to go with them than the plastic stock hoods.

When I started looking at hood options, I decided to evaluate aftermarket metal hoods at the same time to see how they compare and whether it was worth going for the Fujifilm OEM or aftermarket hoods. The XF23 and XF16 hoods are relatively easy,, but whilst looking at the JJC and Haoge hoods, I saw an interesting bit of info on the eBay auction: It fits the XF56.

I thought that was a mistake, so I did a bit of research, and the compatibility of the XF56 and LH-XF23 is actually correct. Further research revealed a video thanks to the "Casual Cameras" account on youtube and a great video he created which showed how the hoods were compatible and gave indications of any performance gains/losses that may be encountered.

If you haven't watched the video, it's worth watching the video if you're considering buying a 56 as there are a couple of surprises from this video:

1. The LH-XF23 Hood fits the XF56

2. It actually performs better than the stock XF56 hood.

3. It actually performs better on the XF56 than the XF23

I ended up getting an extra LH-XF23 for my XF56 and if you mount it 180 degrees around, it will show a Fujifilm sign at the top of the lens instead of the 23. As you can see below so it's unnoticable that it isn't actually the a XF56 lens hood.

It's certainly not the first hood that is interchangeable with Fujifilm, the 23 and 35 share the same LH-XF 35-2 hood to replace the dismal stock hoods that come with the lenses. The real mystery for is that Fujifilm don't actively advertise this given it works better on the XF56 than the XF23, or that Fujifilm didn't create a metal hood alternative for the XF56.

What other lenses in the Fujifilm range share the same hood? I'm aware that the XF23mmF2 and XF35mmF2 are compatible but has it would be interesting to hear if anyone else has discovered hoods that are compatible.

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