29 April 2017 Mt Macedon - The Overrated Photographer

Day trip to Macedon - 29 April 2017

As part of the Fuji X Australia Facebook group, we decided to take a trip up to mt Macedon and surrounding areas to do some photography. For those who live in Melbourne, the trip out to Mt Macedon is only about an hour by car, depending on how slowly you drive and how many stops you need to take. Autumn in Mt Macedon is when you'll really see the town come to life. There are a number of roads and gardens that are highly recommended.

We started our trip at Honour Avenue, a renowned location in Mt Macedon thanks to it's postcard like road with trees hanging over the road. We were planning to be there for golden hour but due to the overcast conditions forecast for day, we decided not to be there for first light and arrived at 8am. Whilst you don’t need to be there for sunrise, I would highly recommend you get there by 8:30am latest. After 9am it becomes an absolute mayhem with a large number of tourists lining the road to take photos. If you want to save yourself hours of photoshop work, get there early.

From Honour Avenue, we took a trip to the city centre to collect some breakfast and coffee before taking a ride up to Sanatorium Lake. Sanatorium lake is a small lake built to provide a water source for Tuberculosis sufferers. The sanatorium was never built and so the lake was left unused. You park in a small parking lot in the forest with a 250 m walk up to the lake through a forest. The road is a little bumpy on the way in so it's worth taking it easy if you have a low car.

Before you head up the path to lake sanatorium through the forest, have a look around the parking lot for the red and white spotted mushrooms you'll find around the parking lot. We only noticed them when we got back.

The walk through the forest on the way to the lake is very beautiful, it's wet and almost tropical like. You'll also find plenty of mushrooms growing off the moss on tree trunks on the way up to the lake so make sure you bring a macro lens if you have one. the lake itself can be hit and miss so it does depend a little on the day.

When you head back to the car, it is worth checking yourself for leaches. I found one on myself, they're fairy small, about 5-10mm is in size. They aren't painful but they will leave you bleeding for an extended period of time thanks to the anti clotting properties.

After the sanatorium Lake we headed off on the 30 minute drive to the railway bridge in Malmsbury. The challenge with Mt Macedon is you have a lot of photo opportunities so we could easily have stayed in Mt 'Macedon and looked at some of the paid gardens, but it's the sort of place you could easily spend a full day or more.

The railway bridge was easy enough to find but getting to right side of it took a couple of goes after we missed a road the bridge is beautiful but there is a small set of trees and a pond worth photographing as well. We did have a couple of goes at it thanks to a co-pilot who spent most of the night with a sick baby and was snoozing in the back of the car.

Aside from the bridge itself, you will find some other interesting opportunities for photos. Whilst we were there, we had some bright yellow bushes around although you have to be careful as most of them seem to be the prickly kind.

Towards the end of the day, we broke out the flash and decided to experiment with some off camera flash. Whilst we couldn't be bothered to get the softbox out the car, it was a good opportunity to have a play around for some of the individuals who had never had an opportunity to try it.

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