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The Fuji X Aus Facebook Group

I regularly get emails from fellow Fuji users in Australia looking to catch up for shoots. Whilst I appreciate the emails and I'm happy to catch up, I normally refer them to join a Facebook group called the Fuji X Ausgroup on Facebook. Contrary to what it may sound like, this isn't because I'm unsociable, I'm always happy to get in contact with local Fuji users. The Fuji X Aus group opens the door to a much broader Fujifilm network in Australia. The group boasts some incredible photographers, and includes light hearted banter so don't take it too seriously when you arrive.

Why are these types of communities good? There a couple of reasons:

1. Opening the door to broad communities with similar interests in the same location. It already has over 650 users in the group across every state (and New Zealand). That means if you want to head out for a photo session, there are bound to be at least a couple of people interested in joining you. I think most of us are social by nature.

2. Regular catchups - for some states this may happen more regularly than others, depending on the number of members in a city. These may be street shoots, model shoots, day trips to events, or maybe just a training session for beginners.

3. Equipment related Q&A - If you have questions it's quick and easy to get answers, whether it relates to something you want to buy, or something you have already bought, or where to buy it.

4. Free gear - yes, that's not a lie. We have some Fujifilm employees in the group so on occasion we get free Fuji merchandise to distribute to the group at events and on occasion we also get given free gear by the local camera stores to hand out. This could be Fujifilm water bottles, hats, key rings, chargers, it's irregular, but Fujifilm merchandise is hard to. come by.

5. Access to Fujifilm employees - Whilst this isn’t their home, they’re Fujifilm enthusiasts just like us. Obviously this isn’t the location to log your support requests, but they are watching and we've had feedback sessions with them to allow us to put forward requests for new features on upcoming models. Sadly they won’t break their confidentiality agreements and tell us what gear is coming despite much prying and many beer bribes, I know, we’ve tried.

6. Access to some amazing Fuji photographers across a variety of genre's, whether it's landscape, street, sport or action, and this includes the official Fujifilm X Professionals like Bill Gekas (Fujifilm X Contemporary Art photographer) and Andrew Hall (Fujifilm X Sports Photographer).

7. They are generally just a really nice down to earth group of users

I know it seems like a bit of a sales pitch, but I have no commercial interest in the group. I'm one of the admins, so my only interest is building up the community and putting likeminded users in touch with each other.

If you decide to join, make sure you answer the entrance question. For non-Australian and New Zealand residents, apologies but access is confined to Australian and New Zealand Fujifilm users (or prospective Fujifilm users) as we are trying to control spam, unsolicited advertising etc to ensure the users have a good experience. On occasion there may be commercial posts, but these are confined to new gear demos. I.e. shops events where you can try out new gear like the GFX.

You’ll also see a poll as a pinned post so we can try gauge the number of users per city and allocate local administrators when the user base is large enough to have a dedicated member organising events.

The only warning I will give you is the potential risk to your credit card thanks to the new gear posts that pop up in your feed.

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