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Automatically apply film simulations in Lightroom - X-LR Review

It seems to be a fairly common scenario. People shooting RAW+JPG on Fuji so they can see what the original photo looked like at the time they took it. Whilst there are some people that use the JPG, there are a fair amount of people who shoot profiles to get a particular look with the intention of post processing the raw later, whilst the JPG goes to waste. The challenge is, without the JPG, how do you know what the profile was that you shot with? (Continue Reading)

Barbie Cam Review

As a amateur photographer and tech fanatic, I enjoy playing with new toys, particularly those that are in the technology space. It's easy to get wrapped up in the Mirrorless vs DSLR space, and forget to look around, but sometimes you need to realize there is a life outside of the interchangeable lens cameras. (Continue Reading)

Haoge 23 f/2 & 35 f/2 Square Lens Hood Review

I did an article recently on the Fuji lens hoods, and in some respects this is a follow up because it involves replacing these hoods with something which is a little more respectable. For those who want to read the article, you can find it here, but the short and the sweet of it was that the vast majority of the stock hoods supplied by Fuji were pretty dismal, the 23mm f2 and 35mm f2 being part of that group. (Continue Reading)

Fuji 23mm f/2 Review

The Fuji 23mm f/2 has already built a reputation in the short time it's been on the market. Some love it, some hate it, but the majority of the reports I have seen hold it in high regard. When I bought the Fuji 23 f/2, I did it on reputation without knowing whether it would suit my requirements. (Continue Reading)

Thumb Up Bop Soft Shutter Review

Soft shutters are weird for me in the sense that I don't get them. When I say I don't get them, I don't get why they're are required in the first place because it's the sort of thing I think Fuji, Leica and the rest of the companies should provide with the camera. Maybe I missed something on the retro train, but when you spend $1000, $2000 or $5000 on a camera and they want you to provide your own shutter, there is something wrong with that picture. (Continue Reading)

Tap & Dye Legacy Spring Clip Strap Review

Prior to getting my Fuji X-T2, I used a Black Rapid strap on my Nikon D750. A neck strap and a full frame body with pro glass is painful. With the arrival of my X-T2, I decided to go back to a neck strap as the small size of the X-T2 meant it was feasible. Sadly, most OEM straps are somewhere between "terrible" and "if this was the last strap on earth" so I decided to venture out and seek a aftermarket strap. (Continue Reading)

X-T2 Batter Grip Review (VPB-XT2)

This is a review for something Fuji call the VPB-XT2, as opposed to the logical choice Fuji could have used which was X-T2 Battery Grip. Nikon did the same but at least they had an excuse as a grip was sometimes used with multiple cameras, but Fuji wasn't content to call it the battery grip...they called it the Vertical Power Booster Grip. (Continue Reading)

Fuji X-T2 Review

There has been a lot of things posted a the internet, some good, some bad...mostly good. Granted, it's valid for good things to be said about this camera, because its a very good camera...but I've seen many Fuji fanatics get a little trapped in the hype. Hopefully we can clear that up in this review. (Continue Reading)

ThinkTank Retrospective 10 Review

There were not many things I missed after moving from Nikon to Fuji. I missed my TTL Flashes, I missed my 1000+ shot battery life, and I missed my Think Tank Retrospective 20. I sold the retrospective 20 when I sold my D750. Fortunately I had my Retrospective 5 and let's be honest, whilst the retrospective 20 was great for my full frame DSLR and a couple of full frame lenses, it's simply too big for a mirrorless beauty like the XT-2. (Continue Reading)

Pad and Quill - Rolltop backpack review

I started looking for a new backpack for work a couple of months ago as I wanted to find a backpack , while still maintaining some form of retro modern look. This turned out to be a surprisingly difficult task.

The challenge with backpacks is they aren't really designed to have an executive look, and most of the bags look about as executive as my daughter's Dora the Explorer backpack... (Continue Reading)

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