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Fuji in da hood - And da hood suck

There are a lot of things to like about Fuji...their construction, their design, their attention to detail, etc. The one thing you won't find on that list is their hoods.

Their hoods are downright terrible.Whoever designs and builds their hoods got a D in design school and an F in finishing. They're poor quality and poor design, the kind of thing you'd expect to get with a cheap $50 lens from China.

Even the consistency is a problem. The 23 f/2 and 35 f/2 have the same filter and bayonet mount and yet one is a filter mounted hood and the other has a bayonet mounted hood. Why the hell would have a filter mounted hood on one and a bayonet mounted hood on the other? It makes little sense.

On top of this, by mounting the lens cap on the hood, it's easy to detach whilst walking around and I have already lost a hood.

You have the 60mm which has a beautiful metal hood that is about 2cm too long because you can't take the lens off the camera with the hood reversed. Why did we need a hood that as long as the lens? It's a beautiful hood that failed because I one minor issue.

You have the 50-140mm which is probably the worst hood of the lot, on one of the most expensive lenses of the lot. Of all the lenses that deserved a metal hood, that was probably it and yet they gave it the cheapest flimsy hood that is hard to get on, and bends when you put pressure on it to twist it on making it even harder to get on. I don't have an issue with plastic. I get that sometimes hoods are best in plastic, but why not something like Nikon's 70-200 with a metal connector on a plastic lens. It's cheap and works extremely well. Fuji's plastic hood on the other hand is already starting to fail, the plastic hood threads are breaking and it won't be long before I have to put in a claim to Fuji and ask for a new one. 

The 90mm is okay, but still feels a little cheap. At least it goes on an off without problems, but it's definitely not as good as the competitors.

The 16-55 is the only one I would actually keep. It's plastic but it's firm enough to prevent distortion when you are putting it on and off.

The problem with Fuji is that we know they can make decent hoods. They sell plenty of aftermarket hood designs that are actually quite good, albeit expensive and overpriced. The vented hoods they sell look really good and come in bayonet mount but they charge exorbitant pricing to fix a design flaw in their own lens hoods. I would have no issue if their current hoods were good, but when you over charge for a hood and leave your standard hoods with such a poor design that it seems like you've done it on purpose to make people buy your more expensive version, I have an issue with it.

So where to? Hoods aren't the biggest problem in the world, but it doesn't mean I will ignore it. I've ordered a replacement hood for my 23 and 35, and the next step will be doing the same for the 50-140, but the 50-140 is harder because no one actually makes bayonet mount hoods for it.

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