Moving - The Overrated Photographer

We're moving to

Yes, it's a rebranding. Nothing major, the old domain will remain for the time being and it will be pointed to the new website No, I'm not any less overrated than I was before, still the same mediocre photographer, the same articles.

The rebranding came for two reasons:

1. Whilst smugmug is a great as a website and photo hosting site, it isn't great for blogging or article writing. Believe it or not, you can't even do bullets or numbering in posts!

2. I was reaching some limitations on the website with too many articles and smugmug's lack of blogging platform, so moving to a better platform was always something I had to consider for future.

I will continue to use smugmug for photo hosting, but the use of smugmug for my webpage will be progressively phased out and the old domain will be pointed to All the new content has been migrated across along with a couple of new articles.

I would like to make it clear, that the website will always continue to run advert free. This is not and has never been a commercial venture, it's something I do for enjoyment.

To have a look at the new site, please click here

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